Visual Artist based in Helsinki.
These are my peripheral visions.

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Figure Erosion is a series of works that combine 2 timeless subjects in art history: the human figure and landscapes. It examines the familiar human form within the massive scale of land, and the vastness of geological time.

A mix of thermal and flow-based erosion was simulated with a terrain generation tool. Through which the line between the environment and figure blurs. The simulations resulted in an intricate sculptural environment. Traces of the original form remains, yet it is weathered and reformed over a time scale of millions of years.
From the terrain surface various texture maps such as wear masks, deposition, and flow maps were exported. This provided an opportunity to further explore the topic from a graphical point of view. A figurative terrain felt to be more emotional than natural, it called for subjective colors and unnatural gradients.

To maximize every surface detail, it's stripped away of all visual perspective. Seen from above, and inspected as an illustration. The diminishing details draws an immersive and exquisite fictional map; a map to investigate the body, land, fragility, and time.